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A question is often asked by gutter cleaning professionals and property owners looking to carry out some DIY gutter maintenance. “What is the best Gutter Cleaning Vaccum on the market”? 

We have compiled all the information on one page for the latest and most popular gutter vacuums in our “Best Gutter Vacuum Review Page.” 

We will start by reviewing SkyVac, one of the most popular gutter-cleaning machine brands. 

SkyVac Atom Gutter vaccum Cleaning Machine

SkyVac Atom Gutter Cleaning Machine

The SkyVac Atom is the most compact gutter vacuum system 

 manufactured by Skyvac. It is easy to transport and ideal for cleaning contractors and homeowners looking to clear their gutters. With its high-quality build, it is capable of tackling any gutter cleaning challenge.

Weight:8 kg

L x W x H (cm):37 x 40 x 79

The cheapest place we found this gutter cleaning machine for sale was on Amazon, and they are also available with prime delivery. 

Gutter Sucker Junior gutter vaccum

Gutter Sucker Junior 6 Pole Package) 9m/30ft Reach

The Gutter Sucker Junior is a wet and dry gutter hoover that effectively cleans gutters from the safety of the ground. It boasts exceptional suction power and a 37Ltr capacity and comes with a Real-Time Inspection Camera and six super lightweight and strong carbon fibre poles reaching up to 20ft. It also has a multi-functional feature for indoor and outdoor use and comes with an Image Collection for your website and marketing and a 1 Year Warranty.

The Gutter Sucker Junior is a compact gutter vac, cost-effective, easy-to-use machine that effectively cleans gutters up to 30 feet from the ground. It boasts an 88-inch Water Lift and 4,250 litres per Minute air flow, thanks to its robust build, super lightweight carbon fibre hybrid poles and new Cyclonic entry port. 

It comes with the NEW 5m Wire Reinforced Suction Hose and ‘Real Time’ Inspection Camera, allowing you to easily manoeuvre and get a live picture of what’s lurking in your gutters. 

It’s a mains-powered gutter vacuum machine that is easy to store and perfect for tradespeople or window cleaners.

Easy to transport, this mighty little vac weighs only 12kg and is mounted on robust wheels. With a removable head and washable filter, maintenance is simple! Machine Specifications. 

1500 Watt Single Motor 88 Inch Water Lift 4,250 LPM Airflow NEW: 50mm Cyclonic side Entry port click/lock 37 Litre capacity Dimensions: (L x W X H) 38 x 38 x 70cm 12kg Weight 72 DB 240V mains powered NEW: 5 M wire reinforced, 50mm suction hose 8.5 metres of power cable Chassis with four multi-directional castors Removable & washable filter Removable Vacuum head Latching Vac Head Hooks Single Motors with on/ off light indicator Water float shut off for wet use.

Package includes Wet and amp Dry gutter vacuum system with 50mm Cyclonic side entry port, real-time non-recordable camera and monitor, 5m wire-reinforced suction hose, 1.5m suction poles, 50mm Vac to Hose Cuff, 50-44mm Hose to pole cuff, 135° Goose Neck (silicone), Day Tool, Reducer Tool, Crevice Tool, and Carrying Holdall for poles and accessories. 

The new ‘real-time’ inspection non-recordable inspection camera has a large 4×3″ colour LCD monitor, displaying a crystal-clear image with no wires, apps, Wi-Fi, or internet connection required. The inspection system is ready in an instant.  

This Gutter Cleaner vacuum is lightweight at 165g, compact, and slimline, measuring 11.5 x 30 x 13.5cm. It can activate LED camera lights from the monitor, an inbuilt rechargeable battery with approx—three easy-to-use buttons, and a spring clip to attach the monitor to suction/inspection poles. 

The camera has four white LED lights with a 2M range, an inbuilt rechargeable battery with 2.5-3 hours live (depending on LED usage), and an effective range of 50 meters. It is lightweight at 100g and comes with a camera stud to attach to high-reach inspection poles or a spring clip to attach to suction poles (we recommend fixing the neck tool holder). 

Gutter Cleaning Vacuum System - Gutter Sucker Pro

​Gutter Cleaning Vacuum System – Gutter Sucker Pro Diamond Package

The Gutter Sucker Pro Platinum Package includes everything you need to clear your gutters from the safety of the ground. The gutter vacuum package has seven super-strong but lightweight Carbon Fibre Poles reaching up to 34ft. 

The non-recordable wireless camera/monitor system ensures you can see exactly what the machine is clearing without the height risk. This vacuum has a 60-litre capacity, a 3000-watt triple motor, and an airflow rate of 6360lpm. It is suitable for various environments (Wet and dry) and has a complete accessory kit.

If you’re a homeowner looking to maintain and clean your gutters, we recommend the SkyVac Atom as the best gutter vacuum. 

It is one of the least expensive gutter vacuum systems among the three and can earn its keep in no time. 

If you’re a professional gutter cleaner or own an exterior cleaning company, the gutter sucker vacuum with its trolley is probably the better option. Its 6360 air litres per minute, 3000W triple motor power is phenomenal, and it can pull out almost anything from a gutter. 

You can check the video below to see the suction power of the Gutter Sucker.

​GENIEVAC - gutter vaccum system


Genie Vac Package Deal 3 (30ft Reach)

Specifications for this item:

This gutter vacuum system has a 60-litre wet and dry cleaning capacity with a 3000-watt triple motor. 

It has an airflow rate of 106 litres per second (6360 LPM) and a vacuum suction of 250mbar. The stainless steel cylinder has a tipping base, and it comes with a removable dry cotton filter. 

The vacuum also has a water float shut-off for wet use and an 8-meter cable length. It has a tank diameter of 440mm and comes with a complete accessory kit. The power supply is 240v.

Investing in the GenieVac to clean gutters is safer and more cost-effective than using ladders or hiring labourers. The vacuum is versatile, easy to use, and conforms to health and safety regulations. 

Investing in the GenieVac gutter-cleaning system is an intelligent move. It uses three 1000w motors to safely and effectively clear gutters up to 30ft high without ladders.

GenieVac is a safe and cost-effective alternative to hiring labourers or expensive scaffold charges for gutter cleaning. It is versatile, clean, and conforms to health and safety regulations. Additionally, it comes with an optional camera kit to show customers evidence of good work.

Kiam Gutter vaccum System

Kiam Gutter Cleaning System KV60​

KV60-3 Description: 

The KV60-2 has two 1200W motors that provide excellent suction power for cleaning vehicles, machinery, and warehouses. The package includes

  • a suction hose,
  • two stainless steel wands,
  • a dust filter, and
  • various nozzles for dry and wet cleaning.

The Kiam Pole system can be used as a gutter vacuum cleaner.

The traditional gutter cleaning method uses a ladder to scoop the debris from the gutters using one hand while standing on the ladder, holding on with the other, and trying to hold a bag or bucket. With this pole set combined with your wet and dry vacuum, you can now access areas that were previously inaccessible and clean gutters safely and effectively. 

Blocked gutters can cause water damage to properties by blocking water flow. Gutter blockages are often found in inaccessible areas, but Kiams gutter vacuum pole systems provide an easy and cost-effective solution.

The cheapest place we found these for sale was on Amazon.

Now, we will look at the Kiam KV60’s big brother, the Kiam KV100, with a massive 3600w triple motor.

Kiam Gutter Cleaning System KV100

Kiam Gutter Cleaning System KV100

KV100-3 Description: 

This gutter vacuum system is fantastic for cleaning vehicles, machinery, and warehouses; this vacuum comes with standard accessories and a 5m hose. Use it with Kiam’s gutter pole kit for safe and effective cleaning.

The traditional method of cleaning gutters involved using a ladder to scoop debris with one hand while balancing with the other. The pole set combined with a wet and dry vacuum allows for safe and effective cleaning in previously inaccessible areas.

Blocked gutters can cause water damage to the property. Buildups are inaccessible and require special equipment. Kiams gutter vacuum pole systems offer a cost-effective solution with a recommended vacuum cleaner.

The cheapest place we found these for sale was on Amazon, and they are also available with prime delivery. 

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